Does anyone have any tips about online dating?

I recently started trying the whole online dating and so far things have not gone very well. The pattern I am seeing is that the guys want to meet wayy to fast for me. For example, there was a guy who I was talking to online for maybe a day or so and just yesterday he asked me to come over to his house at night and watch a tv program. He got offended when I didn't come over and was like all you had to do was say no.

Can someone give me some advice and tell me what I could possibly be doing wrong. As I said before a lot of the men are pushing for way more than what I want at the moment. One man was telling me how he is looking for a girl he can come home too, and I was thinking like dude I have not even met you yet. Any tips to help me in my dilemma, lol


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  • I'm thinking of joining online dating too and I hope I don't come off as a creepy guy X)

    It seems a lot of men are impatient for a companion and push hard for something from the internet even if it's uncomfortable with you. The internet is just a less filtered place of what we think in our real lives. In real life guys will feel the same but they may be too intimidated to do pursue you. So they try online instead. I think you need to make clear to yourself what you want and go for that. If you don't want to meet so soon say that on your profile and make it clear. Maybe that will help.

    • You are so very right on this. It's time for me to make some changes to my profile and maybe Ill attract men that want to take things slowly.

    • I'm so glad I can help. thanks for mho

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  • Nothing's wrong with you. They are just trying to get in your pants as fast as possibld. I'm sure you will find a man who will respect you one day :3


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  • -Be careful
    -usually people lie about themselves (catfish-usually physically or traits)
    -don't send ANY personal info w/ anyone.. no matter how long you've known them
    -have fun!

  • Yes due to the catfishing I try not to get involved in long back and forths. If they seem legit and like someone I might be interested in I usually exchange numbers with them. If the call/ text I usually meet up with them shortly for a drink in the middle of the week and take it from there. If they try and schedule a meet up over the website after they have my number I just move on.

    - Don't let them know where you live until you've been on a few dates
    - No last names
    - Most guys try to build themselves up a little on their profile so I excuse minor embellishments but not lies.


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