When do relationships with borderline personality disorder people start to fail?

When did you start to see the relationship would fail? He was perfect at first but now he keeps snapping at me. How can I fix this?
Anyone with any experience?
Anyone have borderline?


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  • When you start thinking you're crazy unfixable and everyones your enemy or you're public enemy number one. Then there's the attracted to then suddenly not attracted anymore all I see is flaws I hate, every other day. So it's just better not to be in a relationship unless the other is understanding and not very pushy.

    • Do you have borderline?

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    • Has your disorder ruined a lot of friendships and relationships? Do you find you jump from relationship to relationship? Sorry I'm just trying to understand this. Do you ever find yourself mirroring another person?

    • I stay out of the way of relationships bc they seem pretty useless to me and Im already asexual so there's just no need. Friendships I don't have much bc it takes a lot to be my friend obviously. I've never mirrored anyone.

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  • When they lose their control

    • Do you have any experience? When do they lose control? Is it when they stop idealizing the person they're with?

    • The increase in certain chemicals in the brain that usually happens when you first become attracted emotionally to someone can potentially subdue the symptoms of hte borderline personality disorder but ones these chemicals level out then the symptoms may come back a bit

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