Guys, why when your in a relationship some of you tell other girls to hit them up like what's dose that mean?


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  • lol dont be worried he is just teasing you so that he could cherish the look on your face when u see them together. if u are annoyed just tell him and if he is caring he will stop. you gotta give me some credit, it took a while to understand ur question. if he dosent get it, remember that girls can play that game too. ( hope i got ur ques right)

    • What dose it mean when they ask you if they can have a free pass to go hang out with girls but nothing serious is going to happen?

    • if he has a free pass to hang out with other girls, this means he asked for ur permission and no one is having that guts to hangout with their crush aiming for heights and asking permission from her girlfriend to do so. hence i would still say it is just part of the teasing. ( sorry for the time delay, i have been really busy for exams :)

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  • didn't get yer question sorry... i guess some brief descr. would help

  • Hit me up.
    Get in contact.
    Come talk to me.

    Lol, what do you think it means?

  • It means to call me or text


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