Should I follow up with this guy?

Ther eis this guy I like and we met just likje one month ago, we have texted each otehr but really seein in person since we met almost a month ago. The thing is that we are supposed to go to the movies this weekend cause last week he told me (by text) he will like to go out with me and why not going ot the movies. I said yes of course beacuse I want to ge to know him better. I mean we agreed to go last week, and since I dont want to sound desesperate or that Im chasing him or coming too strong, since last week I haven't text him at all. Then three days ago I text him not for this but to talk about other things, but since we were having a quikc onversation one thing lead to another and I have to bring up the get together this weekend. I was supposed to text him until today after a week of not contacting him, to check up on things for the weekend but during Tuesday conversation he told me that the day before (Monday) he injured his lower back doing some training. I told him if he was ok and he said sure just a bit injured but Im on anit inflammatory injections and rest.
So then I asked him and here is why I had to bring up the movie thing earlier that what I planned to ask him.. I asked him if he was going to be ok for the weekend get together. He replied. "I hope so!! I have faith"

And then I said "Ok. I hope you will recover soon so we can go out, we talk then" then he replied. Sure, thanks.

Now a weekend cosists on Friday Saturday and Sunday. It has been 2 days and a half since I last text him and told me about his back thing. I was thinking to text him tomorrow (3 days) to check how he is IWill it be ok if I ask him about the get together after I ask him how is he doing, cause I told him we talk then and he told me last Tuesday he hoped he be fine to go out I know he won't be the one contacting me first.

I mean we could go out Friday or Saturday either day is fine my me, but since tomorrow is Friday I have to chech which day then. I dont want to..
I dont want this get together to take a long time to take place it has been a month since we met and we haven't seen each other in person yet, the sooner the better. If he stil injured I udnerstand it has to be re-scheduled. How can I ask him in a wya not to sound so persistent that I do wnat to go out?


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  • You should text/call him.


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