HELP, How do I get my crush who is obsessed with grades to take me back?

I have known him for the last two years and there's always been an attraction, we even hooked up last year and I lost interest shortly afterwards. For the last 3 months him and I have been having this amazing love affair. He has always been dedicated to his studies, having not done so well in highschool and in university he has dedicated his entire life to school to hopefully get accepted to Med School, and once we started we both began liking eachother a lot more than we planned and his grades started to drop. The night before we left to go home for the summer he ended things saying that he needs to learn how he can have good grades and have a relationship before he can attempt one. We made a pact that we weren't going to talk until July when I can see him again. He told me that he didn't want to end things and the only reason why he waited so long is because he was being selfish and wanted to spend as much time with me as he could. We both still like eachother, but he doesn't want me to wait for him, yet we still have two more years together at university and are in the same friend group.

How do I get him back? How realistic are my chances?


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  • if you think he is busy now, it'll be 3 times worse in medical school. The workload in med school is obscene. Even worse once he is done med school and is a resident. So basically if you date him you will see him pretty infrequently for the next 7-13 years. Doctors make extraordinary sacrifices to do what they do.

    • I don't mind how busy he is, I want to go to Dental school I completely get it. He just thinks that forgoing any kind of relationship with me is the only way to get there and I don't know how to get him back.

    • for every choice you make there is a sacrifice involved, an opportunity cost.

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