Black guys.. Do you date black girls?

How many have you dated do you usually find black girls attractive or no


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  • Given what black women say about black men on here, I don't know why they would want to date black women.

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    • I'm black and I love black men not all black women are like that

    • Well I would never claim all black women are like that. But apparently, @Watermelonoma has run into this commonly enough that he's willing to forego considering black women from the entire North American continent. He generally strikes me as a level-headed guy (and I'm not involved heavily in black communities), so I'll take his word for it (to an extent--he IS just one man).

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  • I find black girls extremely attractive physically. but I prefer the ones that are more suburban, but can also fit in with hood people if she got to. I usually interracial date when I need money, which is always.

  • nobody likes black girls

  • They usually prefer to take a white, blonde, trophy.. then get it pregnant and do a runner, then onto the next one.


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