Should I try going out with him?

so one of my guy friends asked me out and i told him id think about it i feel liike it would be weird around his freinds and its only been 1 month since i broke up with my old boy friend which is one of his friends


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  • So your suitor is willing to throw away his friendship with your ex?

    • yes he is

    • That says something about his character. Does it help you to anticipate how good a friend he would be to you? Does it impact your decision on whether you should go out with him?

  • i think your russing into things normaly when someone breaks up from one they normaly need time to them selves to get over the break up and go out with someone a month later it doesent sound righ unless there is a real connect between you and the other guy do what u think it right but think about this if u go out with this guy there is the risk of getting your heart broken do what u want to it rember it can't be wrong when its feels so right


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