So what more can I do to get hooked up with one of them?

Just one day in a mall or upscale grocery store or on a busy Manhattan street & I'm visually convinced that girls (that being a connotation of females of all ages) are just trying to have their asses camel toes & legs checked out! Now they are braced and ready for whatever hit-on line that might be coming their way.

I, for one, am not going to let them flaunt like that without at LEAST trying to get one of those sultry-looking dime-pieces to say she'll get with me on the freak down smash!

But wait. This is a set up. Most of those posers in the most perfectly curvy prim and prissy looks are just insecure & are looking for attention &/or assurance that they are fly & that they got it like that. This, or (the cougar especially) some might just be out of my league & high maintenance. (Not my interest anyway)

There are all sorts of guidelines on Internet & in men's magazines & in books about going about the courting delicately just so... in order to be that successful guy who wins the girl's heart. BULLSHIT! I say, when they are just playing dress up...& I'm out here trying to get the affection (sexual relations being the main source) like a monkey needs the affection from its mother for the first few weeks of life! And most females out here are not interested in sex with me? As flirtatious an secretly attracted to me as some are? Shit!

So what DO I... can I do or say when faced with a situation so as not to creep her out or get shot down?


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  • Walk over and say hi.


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  • Since you care about creeping them out or getting shot down, don't approach them. Since you're looking to hookup, you shouldn't even have those two thoughts running through your mind.

  • You can't do anything. You can't decide whether she gets creeped out or shoots you down. I mean, sure, you needn't deliberately creep her out, but why would you want to do that? Just do what you want to do. Say what you want to say.

  • Don't ask Bill Cosby.


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