What happens after second date?

Alright so met a really nice guy he asked me to dinner last Thursday night it was really fun and we went dancing after. He texted the next day saying he had a great time and save a date for him next week. He went out of town for the weekend so I wasn't expecting to text him. Tuesday he asks if I want to go on a walk in the park so we do and then get frozen yogurt hang out on my roof deck and then he met my roommates. We kissed at the end of date one and had like a sort of cheek/ lip kiss at the end of the second date ( both sweaty and gross because we actually went for a run together). So at the end of second date he like alluded to me meeting his friends this weekend or whatever but I haven't heard a word from him. I'm not trying to be a psycho girl but I feel like it's been two days. Thoughts? Should I just get over it?

Forgot to mention- before we met up on Tuesday he was saying he oddly had stuff to do the next couple of days. Found out that his parents were in town they went to an event. Is that an excuse for maybe not reaching out? So confused!!!


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  • Don't worry things are going well.
    let him finish his work.
    please don't act pshycho.


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