Any guys out there that have dated girls from Europe and the USA? What are the differences?


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  • First of all, I apologize that I'm not a guy answering this. But, what mth692 said is true! I'm not from Europe , but I have been there and have observed that women are definitely more frank about what they want. They don't "beat around the bush" and are more straight-forward. They don't really want to play games.

    • No apologies needed, i appreciate the input.

    • Thank you @jayapples89 for the shout out. So @83yeah, I'm guessing you haven't met European women like that? I haven't personally been to Europe ; so, I always wondered how their dating culture is different from here and how it influences them to be more straight forward, in a general sense, than the women here?

    • I honestly can answer your question, but was interested to hear different views! I've dated women from the Uk and the states. In my opinion women from the states seem to be more goal orientated.

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  • I haven't personally dated women from Europe , but I have talked with them and asked them out before. This is just my opinion, but I've noted that European girls are more frank with guys and will tell you like it is. Not that American girls aren't like that, but those traits stuck out more to me in European girls.


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  • I'm european (kinda) and I honestly see no difference! :)


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