Will he forgive me?

he started showing interest in me by stalking my twitter page. he was in a relationship with someone back then and i turned him down n called him a stalker n called him names. since then, he's been single and recently cut his wrist. for the past five years, he has still shown interest, flirting, hinting and what not online, but didn't ask me out. now, he's getting an arranged marriage (indian marriage where the father picsk the bride).

1. did i hurt him a lot? is he holding a grudge against me?
2. there is no way to stop the wedding... do u think i'll have a chance with him after this girl...
3. whats in his mind regarding me? why is he keeping me on the loop? y did he never ask me out? too much pride or male ego?
4. does he still like me? then, why not drop this girl.. he just flirted right before he went to see her for a pre-wedding ceremony.
5. or has he just lost it.

GUYS, i need ur opinion as to block him out or keep in touch.


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  • Personally I have a rule about interfering with an existing relationship as nothing good will come out of it. However from the sounds of you just need to talk to him. Wondering what is going on in his head will bring you no good. You cannot get answers to question you do not ask.


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  • lol stalking your twitter


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  • Wow... You're almost a bigger prick than my first girlfriend... And that's saying something... Sorry about that. Regardless, Let me answer your questions:
    1. Yes, you did hurt him. Yes, he probably does hold a grudge against you
    2. There are plenty of ways to stop a wedding but you will have no chance 'with him' ever again. Just forget it.
    3. He probably thinks of you as a small child thinks of that weird frightening dream that seemed to take pleasure in tormenting him. He kept you in 'in the loop', probably as a self discipline exercise, you know, to face his fears and whatnot. He didn't ask you out because he has excellent instincts of self preservation. It's nothing to do with male ego.
    4. I would imagine he was attracted to you long ago but has since adjusted his preference for you into a offhand nonchalance, so he has no intention of 'dropping' the girl for a 'chance' with you. And if he flirted with you, it was just a confidence boosting measure, and yes, it was to soothe his ruffled male ego.
    5. No, he hasn't lost it. He's a lot more sane than most people who get character assassinated by women and live a part of their existence in shame.

  • Ugh why are you putting yourself through this? Leave the kid alone let him get married, you were pretty mean to him and now want him. Just my opinion

    • but i like him n i want him to forget th past. why hasn't he forgotten the past n moved on. he wants me still rite?

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    • i did. he just teased me. he didn't do anything after that.

    • Sweety (in a sincere voice) sometimes you have to pick your battles and he doesn't seen like a battle worth fighting. You asked him out and he teases you... but you still want him. Don't go chasing waterfalls

  • r u sooor u r TwEnTy 7?


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