Guys, confused about dating this guy- opinions please?

Met this guy from tinder. Our conversations have always been entertaining. He asked me out for coffee after a week of talking and when we met up I felt like we instantly clicked. We had A LOT in common and ended up talking until we were the last ones in the coffee shop and were asked to leave. He dropped me off but I didn't give him a hug or kiss since it was awkard to do so in the car. He messaged me that night and told me he had a great time and suggested that we should see each other again. He's also told me that he's really attracted to me.

During our date he was telling me about his life ambitions etc and I was surprised he voluntarily talked about these things about himself without me asking, especially since it was our first meeting. I think he is a busy person because of his job and hobbies. He usually messages me at night around 9-10 and we would message back and forth until one of us falls asleep. But there will be days where he never replies to my last message of the night and then doesn't reply until 2 days later.

I noticed that he's still active on tinder around night time on days when he doesn't message me.. He's told me during our date that he joined tinder as a game against his friend to see how many likes he could get then he went off it when he had a girlfriend and now he's back on it again but he doesn't know why. He's also told me he's not the type of guy who likes to hook up.

He asked me if I'm free this Saturday to meet up again and I said yes and suggested the afternoon but he hasn't replied in over a day. I'm not sure what to make of this situation.


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  • Personally I have a rule. I can't take anyone who uses Tinder seriously, seriously.
    If that made sense.


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