Do you admire women's absolute power in the dating game?

I do. Women have absolute power in the dating game. Men are the fans, and women are the stars. Women's dictatorship in the dating game is fascinating. Its one of the top greatest powers to have and men will never be able to experience how having that power feels. I bet it feels liberating. The dating game is a woman's domain. Women are the authority and guys are the compliers.

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  • I didn't know I had so much power! Awesome!

    • How come? Women get make the rules. Guys are the servers of these rules.

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    • Because you know its the truth. Women are dictators for life in the dating game.

    • I disagree.

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  • They don't have absolute power in the dating game. Good God, you're a weak little boy if you think that.

    If you don't give a fuck whether or not you get sex, especially from a particular girl, she has NO leverage over the situation AT ALL--you can only be "controlled" if you CHOOSE to be.

    Plus, as a guy, YOU have the power over whether or not their will be a relationship. She controls whether or not there will be sex--and if you don't if you get it, that advantage is negated. If she chooses to have sex, then you become the gatekeeper of a relationship--and as long as you string her along and don't marry, you maintain that advantage.

    She could pull the same stunt and not care about getting in a relationship--that's great for both of you. No loss of power for either, AND you got to have sex. And if she wants a relationship--you are still ahead.

    As the guy, if you insist upon being the prize (because you should be) and you don't care if you get sex or not, then a woman's "power" is reduced to the proportions of a mewling kitten.

    Stop being a bitch, be a man. You rule the dating game if you don't give a shit if she puts out or not.


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  • Not all the time
    Men purpose. You know that?

    • Propose *

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    • "Alpha," "Beta" whatever males don't have power. If that was the case, then it would be socially acceptable for women to ask out, pay for the date etc.

    • Even though a very very small number of women ask out, pay for the first date, etc, its still looked at as being something that's expected of the guy.

What Guys Said 4

  • I'm not a laid back guy that does anything and everything to win someone's favor, so I don't really agree with your Hollywoodish take on the matter.

  • You strip away all the crap and we're just animals. Males in the animal Kingdom have to fight to attract a mate so the same applies to us. Hard to admire a thing that's natural

    • Not really. I've seen male dogs mate with females without having to fight for anything.

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    • Dogs don't have to impress to mate. Just be dogs.

    • I've seen dogs fighting for a female

  • They have plenty of options..

    • They get messages constantly and scheme through or iignore guys they don't find is good enough for them so yes they mostly have the power.

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    • Wait.. you're not talking to me... nvm...

    • What are you talking about? Why would a guy say no to a woman that has accepted his invitation?

  • They only have power if you let them


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