Famous guy keeps asking me out- can I trust him?

He is really into me lol. He keeps asking me out and trying to impress me. Apparently he's into cuddles and is just a big nerd :P He has full on said to me he sees me as someone he wants to settle with and Isn't looking at other girls because he's the sort of guy to just be all for the one he's after. It's amazing lol, he thinks I'm beautiful and he'd do anything for a girl like me... :O
Thing is, he has sooooo many girls after him lol and it's intimidating. Plus we are stark opposites. He is very punk rock and I'm "cute normal" according to him hahaha
Do you think he is genuine? It just seems too perfect you know? Lol
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  • Just HOW famous is he?

    • Internet famous in my country

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    • Thank you :-) xxx

    • Gosh.. Thank you so much for considering mine as the MHO. :)

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