I told her I will be late and she offer a raincheck wtf?

I told her 30 mins before our meeting time that I will be one hr late. She said ok. Then I said I might need extra 30 mins

her respond was she loves to see me but she is happy for a raincheck if I'm any later than that. and she told me to let her know...

Im being respectful to let her know in advance. Why she offer raincheck? Is she mad at me?


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  • if you told her several hours before you might have been ok, but to tell her 30 mins before you might be 90 mins late i'm surprised she didn't suggest rescheduling straightaway

    How long would it take her to get where you were meeting, unless it was her place?

    • Yes it was her place

    • Ok, although you seem to suggest that you met and then went back to her place.

      The point is though chances are she's worked her day out around when she expected to meet you, getting ready, arranging food etc so to get short notice you're going to be that late would be annoying and she's not emotionally blackmailing you.

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  • You were going to be like and HOUR AND A HALF LATE to a prearranged meeting. The_Eternal_Emperor is right in saying you're lucky she offered a raincheck at all.

    Maybe she didn't feel like wasting any more time sitting around doing nothing for an hour and a half in case you waited another half hour to tell her you were going to be even more late? It doesn't sound like she was mad. I'm sure she was annoyed though. I would be mad for SURE.

    After this experience you need to be extra sure to be on time for *everything* if you want things to work out.

    • Yes ma'am. Anyway our date was good.

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  • Girls don't like it when the guy shows up late. They like it even less when they show up REALLY late. Just be happy she even offered a rain check.

    • I was respectful enough to let her know early. I feel like she is blackmailing me emotionally. Shoul I just take raincheck so she will regret it?

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    • I did NOT need to know what you did together. TMI dude

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