A really surpirsing thing my friend told me about girls?

Hey there i am kinda struggling with finding a girlfriend or a single girl for that matter , had one a while back but didn't work out the way i intended , anyway i have this friend he's a couple years younger than me , a little more experienced that me when it comes to girls he has had like 2-3 GFs and now he has one that he really likes and wants to stay with , all girls he has met before were introduced to him either by a friend or relative he never had to work hard ot get a girl , and even the girl he has now he knew her from before through a friend and they were classmates , so the attraction was there to begin with he didn't have to start anything he just continued from where he stopped... but what really got me is that a few nights ago we were talking form a dude to another and he admitted that he loves his girlfriend and wants to stay with her i said it good luck and thats really nice and cool but then he said and i quote " if i ever lose this girl I don't know what iam going to do !! i am so lucky that i found her , she's nice, smart, pretty and avaiable , if i ever lose her i will never meet anyone again , i am out of school there are no girls at my workplace and i dont go anywhere with girls so i will have to accept being single for a really long time if i ever break up with her" ... needles to say i was shocked this dude seems in control he has a great girlfriend and looks like someone who can approach a girl in the street and date her but here he is admitting to me that finding a girl is as hard as i ever thought if not harder !!


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  • he's denying his feelings so he is faithfully to his girlfriend


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