Girls, what is the most attractive quality that your potential mate (potential boy friend) or your boyfriend has?

  • he's tall dark, and/or handsome. good looking.
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  • he likes us, treat us well. he is confident and knows what he wants. he has purpose and goals.
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  • he is confident and handsome at the same time
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  • for us (girls) the most important quality is confidence and personality.
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  • other opinion in comments
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd like him if he is intelligent, sweet, hard working, caring, enjoys learning new things, has a great sense or humour, likes to laugh and could laugh on random things I do or say and likes working out :P

    • forgot to mention intellect in poll

    • lol wow thank you for giving me MHO :) very fast :D

    • because these qualities i am trying to gain and forgot to mention in this thread.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Not necessarily as a boyfriend, as I'm not interested in relationships, but someone who is genuinely kind (which is rare), has an expressive face, maybe a little soft-spoken but with a healthy conversational mix, is nice.

    At the end of the day, those types of people draw me in, even if just from afar as someone who admires their disposition.

  • Well my boyfriend has all of the above lol

    But to put it in a better perspective, he has a giving nature, that doesn't ask/or need any back. He likes helping people. I respect that about him, and he's patience is astounding. Something which I lack. I find things I lack within him, I feel as if he completes the overall me. And I cherish him for that.

  • He's sweet, nice, funny, have a nice sense of humor, cute, kinda outgoing kinda shy, and honest.

    • ok. thank you. how about looks? being handsome or being clean and good health

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    • Not really important.

    • tanks. you made my day

  • Mysterious yet kind and caring personality. Has dark hair, green eyes, tall but not to tall, loyal, and trustworthy.

  • He also has the most gorgeous arms with slight veins. He wrestles and play lacross


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