Girls, Do you prefer to be asked out by guys or do you like to do the asking out on dates, and state why?

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  • I prefer if the guy asks

    Because woman don't identify the guy they like from the start, interest can grow over time once she gets to know him more and likes what she sees

    A man however seems to be able to realize from the start if he's interested or not... If he Is then he'll make it happen otherwise he won't bother with the trouble

    However if a girl asks and he says yes, it's may be him thinking why not, this could be fun for now... And waste the girls time

    • Thanks Kisum, i also feel guys should do the asking... but i think in many guys are afraid of rejection... wonder whats causing this behavior in guys

    • I wonder about that myself, I usually assume that it's either they are too proud to accept rejection or have been rejected in the past and are not ready to get hurt again

      One of my friends told me however that he hesitates because he doesn't want to be disrespectful

      What do you think?

      Thanks by the way, for picking my answer for MHO :)

    • hmm... i think very few guys are too proud, most good guys have been hurt before and it just puts them off for years in some cases... my brother is like this and he just refuses to ask girls out. I think guys have greater fear towards women, like women just know everything and it kinda leaves guys paralyzed... its was the answer i thought to be most valid. Took me a long time before i could talk to the girl i loved and the best part was that she could see i was nervous and she kept smiling making me feel good and without me know she brought out the confidence in me.

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  • I'd prefer not to be asked out on dates at all. The few times I have been I've been so embarrassed that I've just said no so I can exit the situation. Even with guys I've really liked.

    I have asked guys out though, no problem with that - just don't like being asked.

  • I prefer a guy asking me out cause it turns me on, him being brave, manly and all... but I don't mind asking a guy out if it takes him forever cause I don't wanna waste time and have like zero patience... I just wanna get it done, one way or another

  • I prefer to be asked out most definitely. It's the guys role to ask a girl out - it's sexy when they take the lead.

  • I'm fine both ways because I dont play games with people and I dont like wasting time

  • I don't believe in the dating life so nope tbh


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