Jealous male friends x2 or maybe i'm at fault?

Anybody got any experience with jealous male friends, me and this girl dated for a while no issue, tbf they didn't even know, anyway fast forward 3 weeks, we still chat and i occasionally talk to her friend, who has recently got a job near me so asked about the area... now i don't talk to her much except to answer a question or just a hey how'd the interview go, anyway i sent her 3 texts in half an hour on one day telling her about the area, what the schools like as it recently got refurbed etc etc just adding things i'd forgot as i was busy, amyway the next day i'm getting harrased and threatend by her two male "friends" or rather goons, saying i'm upsetting her and harrasing her sending 9billion texts a day 24/7 a day 16 texts every 5 minutes, telling me to back off, she's not interested, she doesn't like me and doesn't want to go out or drink with me not that i've asked these questions, one even says she's my girlfriend when i know for a fact she isn't they even had a go at the girl i was seeing when she asked me out for a drink and a walk one day, then she couldn't make it for money issues and other problems which alone seemed odd that she'd cancel a day before as it'd been planned a week in advance, there's many other things.

But i just wondered if anybody had a take on it?
It seems suspicious to me a bit like entrapment or a bit of manipulative behavior when they both say there guys who respect women and stand up for them and such but are also the kind of guys who will " fight you " for a loaf a bread probably, one is even quite perverse to her i went out with asking for kisses and joking about it all the time, she's even said she doesn't like it or going out with them but still does if she's bored... there's no sexual activity as far as i can gather, but my mind is a mess at current as so much is happening and her feelings just dissappeared for me too, even though she still liked her ex, but her ex didn't like her friends either?

Any help is appreciated :)


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  • Envious friends exist all the time male or not

    • I agree on that but there is envy then there is sheer stupidity and a way too big of a overbearing protective stance on things that well quite frankly there is no issue, i'd hardly call 3 texts in 3-4 days harassment, no phone calls or anything else, just a simple few texts answering about the area and the school and such of the job she has got.

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    • Agreed, just seeing if anyone had opinions on the matter, i thank you for yours :)

    • you're welcome dude anytime :)

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