Does these little things count as a guy opening up to you or at least trust you? are these signs of things are moving to good directions?

He brings massage oil wanting to please you, he cuddles for hrs to talk to you about his work and career plans, he cooks with you, he tells you about his past such as sexual experience and drugs he tried even he doesn't do drugs anymore..

When you tell him about he is bringing out emotions you never felt before, he said it is a mutual thing.


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  • Of course he trusts you, drugs is a big thing most people hide from others. cuddles sounds good too, most guys fall asleep after sex or just wants to go home


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  • If he talks bout subjects like drugs... then sure he trusts u basically


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  • Yes very good sign! Most guys won't do this.

    • When you said "this" which point were you referring to?

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    • With everything you mentioned, I'm pretty sure everything will turn out great ^_^

    • Finger crossed!

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