Lol how am I being selfish?

When my friends tells me things it goes through one ear and out the other but this time I had to question them. So this guy I like ( he doesn't know I like him ) told me that he isn't looking for a relationship and if it happens he will let it happen, if not oh well he can move on, but he isn't going to keep dating girls until he gets a girlfriend instead while he's single he just wants to focus on himself and hang out with his friends ( including myself as a friend of his ) and I decided not to tell him and plus he just got out of a long term relationship 3 months ago. So I don't understand how I am being selfish because I won't tell him that I like him.


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  • You aren't, you're being smart by the sounds of it by waiting until you feel you're both ready.

    • Thank you and yes exactly, and plus if he likes me enough to try and see where it goes he will tell me, I just think that my friends sees us teasing at each other in a flirty way I guess, but we are just having fun because of our dislikes when it comes to sports

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    • Thanks for MHO.

    • You're welcome!

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  • I don't see why you would think so and how that's selfish?
    It's the right thing to do
    He needs some time single
    He may like you but right now he may not be ready for a relationship (it seems like he ain't)
    Soo just enjoy the company and go with the flow :)

    • I know! My friends was thinking that maybe that was his way of hinting around, but even if he was, he isn't ready... And yes most definitely I will!! 😄

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