Why do these guys continue using tinder despite saying how much they like me?

I haven't met these guys yet but basically the one guy I know genuinely does really like me, we were friends before and developed. But he still uses it a lot.
the other guy I've only recently been speaking to but he said I'm wife material lol and that he has been using tinder less since meeting me. He's used it since though and even updated his profile.
so what's up lol?


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  • Uhhhh... you're not dating these guys... why would they stop using it? Shit, you said you haven't even MET them yet! They're not just going to stop using it because they spoke with ONE girl that they are mildly interested in... just like you're, obviously, not going to only talk to ONE guy at a time... dating is a numbers game, and the more men/women you talk to, the more you're going to actually meet, and the more likely it is you'll find one you actually like.

    • But they found someone they really like in me apparently (their words not mine lol 😂) so why would they carry on looking?

    • You haven't even MET them... duh... and even if you'd gone on a date or two, you're not in a relationship and they don't know that this is necessarily going anywhere... WHY would they STOP looking?

      Are you honestly telling me that as soon as you even speak to a guy that you think you really like on Tinder, you delete the app and stop using it? Before you've even met him? That's silly.

    • I did stop using it after I found the guy I truly liked but I see him him constantly on it and it just hurts a it. I agree with you though lol, I appreciate your bluntness 😜

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  • Lol Tinder is primarily just a way to improve self confidence I don't think many take it seriously

    • So even though they like me they are looking for a confidence boost still?

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    • Yes both lol. I mainly like the first one though, I only spoke to the other one because I saw the one I truly like was still using tinder. But I found out this new one is actually super sweet

    • well I'm sure once you guys are official he'll stop using it especially if he's already slowed use

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