On days we don't see eachother, we hardly ever talk during the day. Is that normal? How much do you talk to your significant other during the day?

We always talk via text before bedtime about our day, to vent, joke around, etc. I remember how we used to send good morning messages and "Just wanted to say hi and see how you're doing" type of texts in the afternoons. Over time, he stopped initiating during the day almost entirely unless we had hung out the night before. To be honest, I don't feel like talking during the day anymore either, I got so used to not talking till bedtime and was tired of being the only one to initate. It's just that in my last relationship, even when living together for years, we messaged during the day. Does this sound normal?
I know it has nothing to do with being busy since he is frequently on group chat and social media even while at work.


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  • I personally don't think I'd need to send texts everyday to my girlfriend unless it's important. It will eventually not feel special. But it seems you want it to so maybe talk about it with your boyfriend.


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  • Yeah it's normal.

    My boyfriend and I are still sort of in the beginning stages - just a few months in - but even with us the amount we text each other during the day has already gone way down since the beginning when we texted back and forth all day. Now, we text each other maybe once or twice during the work day, sometimes not at all. But we're both pretty busy at work and obviously have other things to do besides make mindless chit chat with each other all day haha


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  • i guess once per day 4 about ~15-30 mins is enough, and not "clingy :-)


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