Would you stay with the guy?

Let's imagine: you meet a wonderful guy, you get into a relationship with him, but in a serious conversation he admits that he's insecure because of a shitty childhood or other motives. Would you stay with him or dump him?

And please, whatever you do, don't say that "an insecure guy won't stand up for his beliefs and run away from his lady when shit hits the fan". If his beliefs are right and he doesn't stand up for them, he's a fucking idiot, not an insecure guy. MANY insecure individuals know how to protect their loved ones when shit hits the fan, whether you believe it or not.

If I see comments which fit the description above, prepare to be ignored.
EDIT: And no, contrary to popular belief, not everyone lets their insecurities get the best of them.


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  • If it doesn't affect the harmony of the relationship and he is willing to work on it without shutting me out, I don't see a problem. If he starts using me a crutch, that's when it is a problem. A partner can only support you, not rescue you. Only you can work through your problems ultimately.


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  • Thing is, I would know he's insecure when we meet. It's very easy to tell.
    If I realized after we got into a relationship that he had insecurities, I would for sure stay with him. Everybody has their insecurities.

    • No, cutie, you're not that superhuman you think you are, sorry to break this to you...

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    • I ask you the same question: do you know how to read? I spoke about those who can fake ALL the signs of confidence. It's not that hard to fake it. There are ways to fool your superpowered "software". You just CAN'T read if a guy is faking confidence or not, you have to test it!

      And please, whatever you do, don't question my intelligence when you're not fully aware of your own. It's makes you look stupid. I just wanted you to acknowledge the fact that your "personality-reading" method is flawed and outdated, one can EASILY and subtlely fake ALL the signs of genuine confidence, and you won't EVEN pick up if it's fake, whether you believe or not.

      I'm done arguing with you. Have fun being delusional ;-)

    • Okay. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • Him simply saying that he is insecure won't make me go running, but if his insecurities affect the relationship, I would not stick around very long. I don't have the patience for it.

  • You don't get to choose your childhood. Why /wouldn't/ a girl stay with him?

    • because a girl ALWAYS falls for confidence

    • More or less true, but I think most girls understand that not every guy is a walking pair of self-assuredness. I think the bigger thing here is that girls don't want someone that has a lot of "emotional baggage," and I think guys probably feel the same.

    • the best ones, the 1% of the total population of girls understand, but most of them reject/ignore a guy if he isn't a confident alpha male. Guys can get away with being confident like 99% of the time. You wouldn't hear the "all girls go for jerks" statement if it wasn't true.
      and yeah, I totally agree that emotional baggage, guy or girl, is bad.

  • Depends if I like him


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