He lied, and doesn't want to admit it?

My guy bestfriend/crush/we were almost dating, lied to me about serious stuff like parents divorce and family member passing away. And i found out from his friend and promised not to say anything. So when I confronted him with the truth, he lied again and accused me of lying and being heartless and mean. Even my friend got into it and told him she is sure so why not just admit the damn truth he still insists that he never lied, it made me have second thoughts so i asked his sister and turns out everything his friend said was true. Now i dont really what to do im so dissapointed and feel so worthless that he didn't even think about confessing anything! What should i do other than just let him go? I will eventually say goodbye for good but before this i want to talk to him about this for the very last time in the right way and then i won't ever talk again i can't even look him in the face and feel the same anymore


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  • kick him to the curve, lying about stupid little things, next he'll say he's pregnant

  • I'd sit down with him and be like- we need to talk about your lying, you lie your ass off so your life becomes a lie and I can't date something not real. If you think denying it makes the problem go away and keeps the lies propped up.. then you're wrong, each time that happens I feel further away. You need to get with the program and live in reality, you've got something some people dream about and it's true for now, but it won't be for very long if you don't fix up.

    I think you'd be wasting your breath though.

    • Everyone says so too. But i need to hear what he has got to say because a few months from now or god knows what if we ever talk again i dont want to have the idea of being with him again even on my mind hopefully.

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    • Lol. Worthless i guess then. So should i just cut all contact with him or do what?

    • Yeah, it's in your best interests, he couldn't even tell you the truth. Liars do this because they're selfish, not for any other forgivable reason. You shouldn't feel guilty or look back afterwards.

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