Can the ladies explain something, please?

I have been seeing a woman who I have completely fallen for. But she is in a relationship. She says she loves me and wants to be with me, but I have to give her time. According to her, she is very unhappy with this guy, but says she needs time to end it, because she hates hurting anyone. She has been with this guy for 3 years. Her and I are not sexually active, by my choice, I won't until she is single. And she refuses any attempts I give, to buy her things. Is this a legitimate feeling, or is it more likely I am just being taken for a ride?


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  • If you are buying her things, she's probably using you. And also if she's cheating on her current boyfriend, then I would suggest stepping away from her anyway, as there is nothing to stop her from doing to the same thing to you, should she ever get rid of the first guy that is.

  • Good on you... I agree with your choices...
    More than likely your being played


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