Got a date from a Halloween party, but my costume was...

...rather revealing. I NEVER dress like that, but y'know it's Halloween, my friends said they were "skanking" it up, so I did it in good fun with them.

Anyway, I met a guy at this club party we went to. I don't have much faith in guys at bars because it's not like they're really respecting me for my mind...

With this guy -- I'm not sure how much in common we have either, it was a drunken night of debauchery. He was nice and offered to buy me a drink. He did take my number and surprisingly called me (3-4 days later), but I think we're both kinda "meh" about seeing each other. He made plans to see me this week and then bailed the day of, then asked to reschedule.

Not sure if it's worth seeing him if he bothers to call again. I'm too old to be dating bar guys who (I believe) was grabbing my ass in my short skirt. It was one night to have fun and be silly with my friends, but I'm actually a rather modest dresser and hold a 9-5 in a corporate office building, and actually work as a geek (IT field). Would it hurt to go for dinner? I don't really know him, since it's not like we were talking very much in a loud bar. Not sure how much I have in common with a guy who works in Construction... and like I said -- I am too old for games and am not looking for a physical-kind of relationship. Or should I just go for a coffee, something quick? No dinner commitments?


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  • Hey a mature girl! What are you doing on the internet?

    First date for me is always coffee. As you've pointed out, dinner can go for too long, especially if the conversation doesn't get flowing. You're committed to staying with this person for a certain amount of time, and this can cause problems if you don't like them.

    The coffee date on the other hand, it can go for as long or as short as you want. If it goes well, it can go long, if it goes short, you can skull the coffee and leave. Easy.

    You have nothing to loose by going on a date with a new person. At the very least you will learn something that you want/don't want in a partner, and it can keep some momentum to the "Dating Game".


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  • Do you have anything better to do? Any other options? Do you hear that tick tock tick tock of a certain clock? Go for it, if he's a douche, stand up and walk out. He gets to foot the bill and look like an jerk to everybody in the place, you've got your dignity and maybe you got some eats out of the whole thing. Or, if it works out, hey, aren't you glad you went and got dinner with him?


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  • You know... I think the best thing to do, is avoid him... if you get with him... he might sweet talk you into doing things you don't wanna do, you can't trust you heart... you might fall for him so fast... guys can be like that too... Personally I don't trust those kinds of people too, so maybe its prejudice... if you think it may work out, you can try it, like coffee.. or something simple.. so you can see how he holds conversations..and certain aspects of his personality in the light...