Hey... so can someone help me here?

So there's this guy that I have thought was cute for awhile.. but never really tried to get to know b/c we haven't ever had a class or lunch together. But yesterday I had lunch with him and I will have lunch with him again on Monday. We talked a little bit. and he kept making me laugh. then this morning i was helping my friend organize some cards and The guy i think is cute comes up and taps my shoulder and i look that way and he steps to the other side and i realize its him. i say hey and laugh a bit, was that you? and he smiled, his smile is really cute lol, and said yeaa... he stood there for a minute and i continued helping my friend. he asked what i was doing so i told him. I said wanna help? he said sure. and i handed him some cards. so we hung out doing that for most of the morning which was like an hour before school. when i got up to go get breakfast and came back he looked up at me and smiled. so i sat next to him and he was talking with a friend of his, that doesn't really like that many people, and he tried to include me in the convo.. but his friend didn't really want to.. i was okay with that since I was eating lol. anyways i got up to leave and i said bye *his name* and he said oh... bye.. and he then asked me wait so do you have lunch with me always and i said no just sometimes, (b/c we have multiple different lunches at my school like first second and third and fourth).
I have his email and i wanna talk to him but I don't wanna be weird like hey im a stalker and got your email. although i already had it in my school contacts. but should i email him? or do i just wait to see him on monday?
and does he maybe like me? or am i just fooling myself?
we're dating now! lol


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  • Did he personally give you his email? Or is it one of those emails the school districts make for you? Because if you just email him without him Giving it to you, you'll give off a creeper vibe.

    ... And don't email him In General... Emailing is sooo boring. He's gonna think your weird or boring.. Just wait till Monday

    • its a school email... and i thought it would but wanted more opinions. thank you..

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    • Sweeeeet! He was probably stressing over asking for your number just as much as you were lol.

      Did you guys walk and talk, or did he just go for the number?

    • Lol we were talking before school about his phone and he said speaking of my phone you should give me your number and smiled lol :)

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  • Wait to see him. If he's interested in you, he can't wait to see you again.


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