Should I ask him to hang out?

There is this guy I work with, but we work in two different departments of the store. (I work at Macy's- I am a sales associate, he's in security.)

I only see him 1 or 2 times briefly if we are working at the same time, and we have talked a couple times. We always say hi to each other whenever see each other.

One time when we were talking he knew I had went to Petaluma High (never knew him in H.S, he graduated 1 year before I was even there).. I wasn't sure how he knew.

Also, last time we talked he commented on how my jean piles were perfectly straight, ( I am really organized and clean) which is kinda funny how would he know! lol its not like he works directly with me.

Should I ask him to hangout? I am afraid he might be taken or might say no. I guess I should get over my fears! What do you think?


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  • Yeah totally ask him. You have nothing to loose (except comments about your pants).


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