I have a question. Should I contact him or not?

There is theis guy I like that I met one month ago, exactly. So far we haven't really gone out. There is this possibility he likes me too. During this month we had only texted each other but sparingly not like everyday cause I dont really do not want to sound desesperate or coem too strong with him, also beause we are grown up people not teenagers. I do want to get to know this guy more and the only way to do that is really hang out iwth him in person. The thing is that each time I text him it has been me the one initiatiing the contact to text him so far he has not done it. I dont know if it is because it is a guy thing taht men are guys of few words and they are not the type of texting and calling often, is not in the men nature, well I dont know. So I been the one texting him but still he always replied me when I text him. We alos do not text a lot, just the necessary time. In one of those texts I had sent him, he for his own will asked me if we can go out one day to the movies and I said sure. So until last week we agree to go out this weekend (Friday or Saturday we never set the exact day but weekend are those days), all of this week I haven't text him and he has not text me either but he has in mind we are going out. Tuesday this week, I text him back to say how he has been and normal conversation, he replies and told me he sprained his back during training the day before b ut he is under injection and rest and then I asked him if he believe he was up for this weekend to go to the movies. He replied he hoped so and he has faith. After that I told him "ok so I hope you recover for get together and we talk then" then he replied. Sure Thanks. Wel that was Tuesday and until today I text him back and asked him how was he. He replied: "Hi Im doing better insert my nickname here (my nickanme, until now he call me by my name unlike his previous texts), thanks for asking". Cont..
Immediately he asked me if we go to the movies tomorrow Saturday becaue today he was doing some cleaning in the house then I replied Sure perferct I have no problem tomorrow. That was my last text to him and after that he did not replied me back.
Now since Im always do the texting and I dnt want to sound so pushy or desesperate to hang out and it seems he wants to go out. Tomorrow should I again text him like to set things up like at what time he will pick me up. I ask this because we never set anything when we were arranging the date such as where do I live or the time he will pick me up we just agree to hang out to the movies period cause maybe those details are arranged the same day of going out.


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  • His behaviour is so cold. He doesn't seem so enthusiastic. You should contact him.

    • Yes I know but I dont know if he is a man of a few words or that he likes to talk more in person and texting is not his thing perahps. Those things I dont know from him. I mean when we met for the first time one month ago exactly during a family trip. We did talk more to each other. and we even stayed up all nite one day during a family BBQ when everyone went to sleep early we were the only ones who stayed up talking all nite. How should I contact him or what to say in a way that he does not think Im coming too strong or trying to hard or sound so desesperate to go out with him? I mean if he does not contact me sorry but I will have to do it.

      I hope he just dont forget about the date today, and I hope he will be the one contacting me first to set at what time he should pick me up or where do I live, but I have to be prepared he probably won't do it.

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    • Ya good. Be patient. :)

    • If he tells me next week I will tell him I cnat beaue i have a committment which is true i can onky in 2 weeks

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  • Yes you should.

    • I will wait until the date is near to contact him again I dont want to sound desesperate for him or coming too strong by texting him often

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