Would you say yes if a guy you are not interested in wants to treat you lunch?

Would you say yes for free lunch? I am asking this question because I wouldn't if a girl I am not interested wants to buy me lunch.


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  • Depends on the circumstances. If it was a friend that I got along with and he didn't come onto me, probably. If it was someone that flirted with me heavily and I was not interested, no. This guy who is my neighbor has been trying to get me to go out to eat with him or see a movie for months. He knows I can't stand him and am not interested as I've told him multiple times, and continues to ask. lol

    • Okay let's just it wasn't someone you flirted with. you have no interest in this guy and you barely know him. He wants to buy you lunch nothing more than lunch. You eat lunch with him then you guys separate.

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    • Let's say you know the guy likes you and you are not just interested in him and you barely know him. Would you still say yed?

    • No. I hate it when people think I'm leading them on and am interested when I'm not. Kind of like the guy I'm talking about. If I make any conversation with him he thinks I'm into him. And he's asked me to go to eat with him many times saying it's just for fun as friends.


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  • yes because food!!!

  • That would be very nice of him

    • You will go for the free lunch but not the guy.

    • Well if he offered plus it gives us more of chance to get to know eachother might create a beautiful friendship

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