Girls, how do you kiss properly?

This is going to sound really dumb, but how do you kiss properly? I feel like I'm a bad kisser and I want to get better at it.


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  • Well first how do you kiss? I can give you better tips and pointers on what I find appealing. by the way your question is not dumb

  • - Don't shove your tongue down her throat. It's not fun. Everything in moderation.
    - Try to match her pace. Or if she seems to be waiting for you to lead, set the pace yourself. Either way, it's good to try to do what the other person's doing. If they're kissing slowly and softly, it's not fun for them if you try to be more forceful.
    - Go ahead and nibble on her lips. Bites during kissing can feel great, as long as you don't go overboard. Again, just go with the moment.
    - It doesn't have to be non-stop kissing. There's nothing wrong with pausing to kiss her nose or cheeks or forehead.
    - Your hands are free, use them to embrace her, run your fingers through her hair...
    - Practice makes perfect. Kissing isn't too hard to get the hang of really. Once you and your partner get a feel for the way each other kisses, it should be smooth sailing.


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