This girl is a puzzle! Should I try to solve it or just move on?

I'm truly not sure how this girl feels about me. I had been approaching her for couple of weeks, and she 'seems' to like me but I can't really understand her. I keep trying to talk to her after class, but she'd just run off! And it's happened several times too. I go out of my way to talk to her, but I feel unwanted. One day we had to move classrooms and I walked with her, but she kept walking slower and looking at her phone. When we got to the room, she picked a seat in between two people (so I had to find a different seat). We moved again, b/c this wasn't the right classroom. This time, I lost her. At the end of class, I tried to get her attention by walking towards the front of the room and talking to the teacher. When I finished talking, I turned to her but she was just talking to someone else. I waited, but she never turned so I left feeling broken.

I started ignoring her, but she still looks at me. She's seating closer to me in class, but when I try to approach her at the end of class, she'd just leave. If I try to walk out of the classroom with her, she'll just say "bye." I feel confused, as I haven't really talked to her that much (I wouldn't say she's a friend). I feel like I can't trust her or act chill with her anyway, b/c of what she does. I've thought about calling her, but I'm not sure how that'd turn out since I don't know her very well. I'm afraid she's just playing with my feelings. I wouldn't even know what to say. I should add that I've met other girls that are straightforward, and I'm missing my chance with them b/c I'm focused on this girl. Suggestions?
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  • Maybe get her attention in another way, instead of trying to talk to her, make her want to be interested in u so she can approach u. Open urself up and shut down leaving her wanting to know more about u. If that doesn't work u can always move on.

    • One time I had set my mind in moving on. And I just ignored her completely. Then she approached me again and now she started doing all of this. I just don't like playing games you know. It's not fun for me. So now I feel like I'm losing interest and trying to move on, but she keeps trying to get my attention.

    • Well either she is interested in u and doesn't know what or how to react or she is playing u just to get attention. If u lose interest in her then dont force urself to stay. She lost her chance, u can always find someone else who won't play this games and want to get ur attention as much as u want hers

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  • As a girl who has recieved her fair share of unwanted attention, i know for a fact that these are some things that i do when i am not interested in a guy but dont want to hurt their feelings by telling them so. I advise that you move on but if you want to you can talk to her aboutnit, just be prepared for an awkward conversation.

    • I had met her last semester, and b/c she had been acting curt and cold I cut her off. I happen to have two classes with her now, and she approached me. And the classrooms are lecture halls, meaning that she doesn't have to be near me. There is no obligation. How do you go about turning a guy down?

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