Should I just stop talking to him, stop seeing him, hanging out and sleeping with him?

We have been out on a few dates, been hanging out, hooking up and talking for almost 4 months now. But the problem we have been far away from eachother from the start because I'm away at school, about 2 hours away, but now I'm moving back to the city and we'll be close. I have really started to like him. He told me he thinks I'm a cool girl to hangout with and that we hit it off when I asked him what he thinks of me. He also told me a week ago that he missed having me in town. I saw him last weekend when we hung out with a group of friends, I said I would cab home but he offered to drive me home, and kissed me twice on the way home. I honestly dont know what he thinks though. We don't talk everyday. We also drunk text/ call, both equally as much. At this point I just dont want to get hurt, I don't know what he's thinking.. should I just give up on him? I don't know if its because of the distance, but still I think he could have made an effort.


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  • don't revolve your world around him. that might make you crazy thinking :)


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