I dont crush easily, is that weird?

Im almost 18 and i have never crushed on a guy before, i mean i do think they r attractive but i never felt that connection with someone, expect that i did had a crush (first one ever) when i was 16. And even tho i moved on from him, he did made an impact or made me realize what it feels when u truly like somebody, yet still can't seem to like anyone else.

I don't know if is weird, but i just dont like when guys try to apporach me and try to ask me out and stuff... it feels force and pushy and i usually push them away or act like a jerk just so they dont think of asking me out. I feel like i get ask a lot even tho I'm a quiet girl when people get to know me (i get outgoing once i trust them)

With the first guy i had a crush on, I don't know why i started having feelings for him. I guess it was because he didn't push me to hang out with him and always kept me guesing wheater or not he liked me, yet he didn't treated me different from the rest. (Like i'll agree whatever u say only so i can get a number, be good to u but if u reject me then i'll insult u, be in ur personal space and not take u seriously ) he was different and i guess i liked that he could tell i was feeling down when i tried to cover it. he didn't seem to have that intentions to rush me to give him my number or hang out, he let things go as it went and i started liking him without realizing it.

Is it wrong? Cuz i dont think im afraid of commitment, i just dont fall for guys easily... is it normal?


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  • I used to be like that. Now I have a boyfriend. Shit happens.

    • Don't get me wrong lol cuz it was good shit that happened

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    • Thanks for MHO. If you need to talk to me, I am here anytime :) hopefully I was able to help in any way?:3

    • Lol no problem, i was happy to know i wasn't the only one. And yep thanks :)

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  • if there is not a deeper reason for not wanting to commit like being hurt in the past or something to that effect i would work on that but other then that your still young no need to commit sounds like your doing fine

  • No? It's not weird

  • No not really


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