She has a boyfriend now, but how can I be friends with her in case they don't work out?

So I'm kind of obsessed with a girl I barely knew from yearssss ago. I love her mannerisms, looks, kindness, etc. The thing is I barely talked to her, I just had a few classes with her and asked some mutual friends about her.

I messaged her on facebook a while ago (almost a year) to see if she had feelings for me, but she didn't know who I was. It was probably because I didn't have a picture, but I do now.

Is there any way I can talk to her now (online or otherwise) or maybe ask her to meet me in person to see what I actually look like? Is it too late or too weird since I told her I think she used to like me?

I'm positive she used to like me and this might be the only way she'll recognize me. I've been told I'm "hot" but I just look really ugly in pictures. I really just wanna talk to her or meet her, but I don't want to scare her. She was nice about it, but I need closure and to make sure that she's still not interested so I can move on.

I think she has a boyfriend now, but how can I be friends with her in case they don't work out (keep in mind I told her I think she liked me)?
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What Girls Said 1

  • Don't be a homewrecker. Stay away from their relationship.

    • I would normally NEVER do something like this, but I feel like I need to have some contact with her and I don't know why... Plus, I just want to get in the "friend zone". How can I do that given that I told her I think she liked me? I'm not asking her to leave him or cheat on him (if she even has a boyfriend) lol.

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    • I actually do know how you feel. I have this friend who friendzoned me years ago, but we kept staying friends. Friday evening I saw him again since a little while and he brought his girlfriend. That was no problem for. me, because his girlfriend is really nice and I really think they're great for eachother, but later she contantly talked about him how great he was and I secretly got a little pissed (he went home and I was talking to his gf), because I know it's a great guy. I know him for years and it was the first person I really liked. Now I'm thinking sometimes about him again, but I know there's nothing I can do.
      Anyways, I honestly don't believe in fate. You can alter your own fate and just because we can't forget about someone, doesn't mean it's fate. We should both get over it.

    • Thank you.

What Guys Said 1

  • Dude, sorry to say this, but you have zero chance with that girl. Forget about her and move on.

    • I wish I could lol, every time I forget her I see her somewhere (from far away) and either can't approach or chicken out.

    • Ask out other girls. Force yourself. You'll forget about her when the reality of options is presented to your brain.

    • I have options, some of which my friends think are better-looking than this girl. I know these girls better too, but I still find myself stuck on the girl I barely know for some reason.

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