Should I try to restart a romantic relationship with a friend I dated that my girl friend likes?

Ok so there's this guy friend that I used to date 6 months ago. We stopped dating because he was busy with his exams but when he finished he told me that he wanted to start dating again because he still liked me but I was beginning to like someone at this time. (That was like 3 months after we stopped dating.) A month or so after he began to take an interest in my friend and she in him but they weren't going out but instead we just 'talking'. She didn't realise until after that we used to go out and even after she did, still decided to persue him. I can honestly say that during this time I still had feelings for him and we did make out a couple of times while we were tipsy (though I did feel really quilty.) Eventually his feelings for her started to die down while hers grew extremely quickly, causing him to think that she's clingy. She used to tell him how much she liked him which put him off as he no longer has feelings for her. The guy and I are extremely good friends and are so similar it's weird so we talk about everything. He even jokes around about the tipsy make out session we had. We're both very childish so always play figh in public but we don't care how it looks because we're just good friends. Recently my friend that likes him sees us doing that all the time (he is very touchy feely with me) and I can tell that she's a bit jealous. He recently told her that he doesn't like her but immediately after started making saying how me and him are gonna date again in 2 years then get married and have kids (don't know if he was joking but he looked serious) while she was present. I felt really bad for her but a part of me still likes him so I don't know what to do. I'm closer to him than to her tbh but girl code says you can't go after someone that your friend used to like (likes) even though she already broke that code herself. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks


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  • Since your friend still broke Girl Code, then I think you should. If I found out that a guy I liked dated one of my friends, I would have asked her if it was okay to pursue him and STILL, more than likely, wouldn't have gone out with the dude if they had sex.

    I would go ahead and date the guy.


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