She's Toast! Now I just need help getting him to notice me?

I have the biggest crush on my housemate. We've become great friends and spend a lot of time together. He cooks for me too. So, I was upset that he has a girlfriend. Luckily for me she is being a completely nutty nightmare at the moment and I can tell he'll soon be done with her as he's always complaining. Basically, she's toast which suits me fine as I would never try to steal another girls guy.

He and I get on great, really really great, and I'm quite good looking so you would think it was a done deal but we went to a party the other night and he came home with numbers and he actually told me he thought one of the girls wasn't bad, which I don't think he would do if he had a mind to date me or was thinking of me in that way. That said, I nearly dropped my towel by accident this morning and I notice he got focussed real quick 😋

My friend says he got jealous when I was talking to another guy (he actually got her attention to say "look at her talking to him, what's a guy to think?" And she feels he somehow wanted her to intervene) but I feel like I need to get him to REALLY notice me.

Any and all sneaky tips welcome! This is THE guy for me and I'm sure I'm the gal for him but I need help making sure I'm the only girl he's thinking about once he's free. Since im his housemate and therefore always available I need a plan to make him see that I'm hot goods and won't be available forever, so come on guys and gals, if your advice works, I'll buy you a hat for the wedding!


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  • When he was showing you all those numbers, he was trying to do exactly what you are. He was trying to show you that he's desirable to women and that he's hot goods and won't be available forever. He wants you to make a move! Thats why he was getting jealous of you talking to that guy. He likes you:)

    You should ask him out, as a friend. Start flirting, build up some chemistry and wait for an opportunity to make a move on him.

    • Thanks for MHO:)

      But I forgot to mention that you should wait until him and his girl break up before you put your plan into action:)

      Otherwise, things could get messy.

    • Well, as has been said, I need to wait til he's free and to be sure he would see me as girlfriend material rather than just something to get things out of his system. What signs does a guy give if he's a bit more serious?

    • Signs of emotional connection not just sexual. Enjoys hanging out with you, talking and having fun in a non sexual way and other stuff like that.

      I think he's given you some pretty strong signals already though:)

      I'd go for it if I were you :)

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  • Don't do a thing until they've officially broken up.

    • Would never even consider it. Who wants a guy that would cheat? Not me for sure.

  • It surprises me you can be 30+ and be this sneaky and manipulative.

    • What's sneaky or manipulative about waiting til someone you like is free? The imminent break up is nothing to do with me.

  • Jesus You've been smelling your own farts for to long see kids thats what you become so be careful

  • Sloppy seconds! Classy!

    • What's sloppy about dating a guy after he breaks up? It's lot a crime to like someone and be excited that they'll soon be free.

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    • I'd probably be single and shag around for a good six months or a year to be honest. lol

    • hehe, sounds about right from what I know of my male friends. Appreciate the honesty!

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  • I don't think you need to have any sneaky tips. I assume any guy likes seeing a girl in her natural state. Like laughing/smiling. Just a girl full of life and being herself and not trying hard to do anything and prove something, or getting him to notice.

    Just be there for him. Show him that you are fun/positive to be around.

    • Thanks, you are right! If it's meant to be I guess that will be enough. I'm just so excited!

    • Haha it's all good. Lol hold your horsey , it's not official yet.

  • You make an awful lot of assumptions about how he feels about you. It suits you both to be nice to each other whilst you are living together. Even though his girlfriend is being a nightmare and you hope she's toast, remember, she actually holds the title of GIRLFRIEND and he CHOSE HER for whatever reasons.

    You want "sneaky tips" to ensure he only looks at you but why? If you are so convinced that he feels the same as you, why would you need the tips? Why the insecurity? Surely, you are enough as you are.

    • You are right about the girlfriend, I agree there. Regards the rest, I know he holds me in high regard as a friend. We spend time in the house, sure but we also choose to go out together a lot and spend lots of time with each other when we don't have to. He chose her before even meeting me, so it's not like I was previously overlooked. Regarding my use of the word sneaky, don't take it too seriously. But thanks for giving your opinion anyway.

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