Why are guys so confusing?

I have been seeing a guy for nearly two years it's long distance so we text everyday. Last night I went out and he asked me to text him later when I'm in the club , he was tired because of a long day at work so I didn't text him because I didn't want to disturb him. He messaged this morning asking how it went last night and he said " you didn't text me? Means you wasn't thinking about me " he texted it in a jokingly way , then he said he wished he was there with me last night. I thought this was sweet of him but why didn't he message me last night instead of waiting for me to?


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  • It's thanks to women that we're in a state of confusion.

    • Well he was up till 3am

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  • Because we either come off as too strong or not caring be honest with him and because it's long distance he may become paranoid

  • Because men make sense, and this confuses women.

  • Because he was tired...

    • He said he slept then was up wake till gone 3am

    • Ok confused by what u just said

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