Should I tell her?

Well i started to talk to my crush 4 days ago on facebook, cause i didn't have the courage to do it on real life.., the point is that at the beginning she didn't know who i was, to the next day she already knew who my friends are, and who i was, from now on, she started to text me more than i texted to her and in school she began to stare at me, so today she asked me "Who is your crush?", i told her that my crush was the most beatiful girl on the school and that kind of things for not saying her name since i'm not ready... the point is that she insists to say the name of my crush... so should i tell her? and despite all of this... we haven't talked face to face... and now, even one of her friends added me on facebook... and asked me directly if i liked her (my crush)... so what should i do?


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  • Yes, go for it. It's more than obvious that she is into you. The fact that her friend has added you on Facebook, means that she is "in the know" that's typical of girls.

    She asks you who your crush is because she doesn't want to get hurt. She wants to make sure you're being honest with her and your intentions.

    Good luck

    • i told her... and she anwered... OMG Do you like me?, what does that mean? D:

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    • In which tone did she say that?

      If she seemed surprised in a positive way : say yes, I like you

      If it seemed ironic : don't say that you like her , she'll jut make fun of you then

      Keep in mind that you have t trust your gut feeling with this though

    • She told me i'm her crush too... thank you, you were right :)

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  • you should tell her, it may lead to good things


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