I keep dreaming about my one ex. Why could this be?

For the past few months I've been dreaming of one of my ex boyfriend's quite often. We haven't seen each other in almost 4 years, but we are still friends on fb. I've been having dreams about him the last few months a lot though. In most of my dreams, I see him but he'll avoid coming over to talk to me. He basically ignores me on purpose.

In my dream last night I was talking to a few guys, but when I saw him I tried to signal to him that I was still single and wasn't dating any of the guys. He didn't look at me, however, and went past me even though I tried saying hi to him.

He was the one, who broke up with me by the way 4 years ago.

Why do I keep having so many dreams about him?


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  • Either you still love him or your dreams are messing with you. I had dreams about women that made me fall in love with them but didn't really.


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  • Sound like you still want to be with him. Even if it's subconsciously.


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  • maybe you still have deep feelings, were you in love? how long were yous together?


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