Why is my new army boyfriend pushing himself away?

My new army boyfriend is leaving for Kentucky to train new guys for four months. After that he's back for a month then goes to training for two weeks and then might be deployed in March. He's starting to distance himself, not talk to me as much and he seems almost sad that he's leaving.

We met on Tinder in February-I know it's Tinder but he turned out to be the best guy I've dated. We've gone out once a week since then and he's told me he really likes me and that he's never met a girl like me. He's not very affectionate and is pretty shy (and has a dry sense of humor). Every time we see each other he almost has to warm up to me and by the end of the night he's super affectionate and loving. After a few drinks he doesn't care about PDA. So maybe that's just how he is?

I've met almost all of his army friends. His married ones questioned me heavily (how long we've known each other and how we met, etc.). They then decided I was cool and drunkenly approved.

He has even deleted Tinder-it says he hasn't been on in a month (yes sadly I've checked) and being creepy he showed me his new phone and I didn't see it on his apps.

We're not official or anything but he acts like my boyfriend (tries to pay for everything-but I make him switch turns so I can pay too, he opens doors for me and we talk about anything and everything). I have slept with him a few times but he never acted different after except being more loving (cuddling, kissing me after, playing with my hair, etc.).

Since he's told me he's leaving however, he's started to push himself away. I'm def willing to wait for him-I really like him a lot. He seems sad he's leaving and would say "I'm going to miss that this summer" and "when I get back let's go to this place". But he hasn't talked to me much in the past week. I'm scared he'll forget me or that he actually doesn't want to keep talking to me. Why is he pushing himself away? Is he scared or doesn't want to miss me? Or does he not like me much?


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  • awww, tell him how you feel and make him fall in love with you before he leaves

  • He doesn't want to break your heart if the long distance thing doesn't work.


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