How can I help him without sounding like a jerk?

My boyfriend and I come from two very different worlds. We're the same age but his life has been a lot harder then mine.

He had a rough childhood... (So rough that it makes me wanna cry when he talks about it). On top of that he lost his mom a few years before we met. After he lost her he took a turn for the worst he dropped out of school, started drinking, smoking, and he got into trouble with the law... When we met he changed a lot. He fixed all the stuff he could but it kills him that he can't graduate. He takes about going back to get his GED but he's not very motivated to get started. How can I push him in that direction without coming on too strong? I also want him to go see a therapist... He needs a professional really bad, he's ok most days but on holidays he gets dark. He barely enjoys Christmas because he can't share it with his mom. And I can tell he wants to cry but he just holds on to the pain. I don't like setting him like that, but he refuses to talk to anyone...


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