After coming on too strong online how do I turn it around?

Hi I met this girl online I really liked she seemed interested in me however today she sent me a message that I was coming on too strong and couldn't handle that due to daily messages. I am a bit inpatient I feel I may have blown my chances, i explained i sent these messages as she appeared online but she said she hadn't checked her messages. I really like this girl and she kept apologising in the conversation which to me suggests she may have liked me before coming on to strong. She hasn't blocked me yet and left me a kiss with the message so my question is too both genders is their any way I can turn it around like waiting a week for example as I would really like another chance?


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  • If I were her I'd give you another chance.

    • thanks if she wasn't intrested would she just have blocked me or not responded

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    • Thank you for MHO. :)

    • No worry's you have given me hope that I can start again with her

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  • If she really was into you, trust me, you would know it :)

    • Okay thanks so what do you mean? she kept saying sorry and didn't block me. what should I look out for.

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  • i saw yer response in yer other question... there;s no need 2 ask again but anyway...:-)

    yeah obviously she'd block u, and consider u creepy as well...:-)

  • Just ask her for a fresh start. Apologize for coming on too strong and just try not to be that way again, and she should agree to.

    • Okay thanks mate i left her a message explaining that i thought i was being ignored she didn't block me is that a good sign.

  • it seems she likes u... so try 2 be more patient next time... otherwise i believe she'd dislike it as well

    • Thanks when you dislike it what do you mean she would have blocked me and not left a kiss

  • Have you met her in person? If not, one email a day is okay; you want to line up an in-person meeting ASAP. It sounds like she has an issue with the content of your messages; what kinds of things were you telling her?

    • Not yet it was about two but not every day. It was just asking her questions, saying hi and about her YouTube nothing rude or anything

    • I'm not sure why she would think you're coming on too strong, then. If you were talking about kids/marriage within the first few emails, she would have a point, but that wasn't the case. She might just want you to back off for a little bit, maybe a few days.

    • Yeah I weren't talking about that just taking intrest in all of her life basically asking loads of questions and saying hey, yeah i will leave it a week cos if she weren't intrested she would have blocked me and not left a kiss

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