How long do you have to date before you can call her your girlfriend?

I was talking with my buddy and this came up, so i am wondering how long do you have to date someone before you consider/ refer to them as girlfriend/boyfriend.


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  • There's no set time. If you're both feeling it and enjoy spending time with each other, especially outside the bedroom (although that's relatively important too lol), and neither of you are seeing other people then you can ask her to be your girlfriend :)


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  • dude its not an internship. it doesn't matter how much time but if you have conveyed your feelings to her about the relationship u want to share (termed as proposing) and she agrees... congratulations!

    • im not in a relationship

    • then she should be as comfortable to call you her boyfriend and since that depends from girl to girl, there is (unforunately) still no spec time period. sorry but its true

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  • Depends on the kind of relationship and on both participants.
    Best to just ask her - than to wonder or assume.

  • A day or two.


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