Most of the time, is it the guy who wants a girl the most that ends up getting her?

Or is it based off of something else entirely for most girls?

I have a feeling that women find it very attractive when a guy REALLY wants them and is willing to work had to get them in a non-creepy way. But then again some girls seem to not care at all whether a guy likes them or not they just chase after guys they think are hot without consideration of whether the guy even cares about them or not.


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  • the saying actions speak louder then word comes into play here.. I prefer a guy that's going to work for a relationship it means he wants it shows dedication all tho I wouldn't want to make him work for it to hard

    • Some women have many options with regards to a mate and you have to stand out among the competition somehow. Some guys will stand out with good looks, others with great talent, others with great financial success, she has to choose one, and her selections is based upon how much importance she places into specific factors such as looks, money, talent, etc.

      The problem is that every girl uses a different mental equation.

      I am guessing that an average single girl in her 20s may have up to 5 guys competing for her. If she is very attractive she could have 500 guys competing for her. With instagram and facebook a girl's options have increased at a staggering pace.

    • well for me I have a saying

      don't go for looks because looks can be deceiving, sont go for wealth because money can fade go for someone who can make u laugh because laughing turns a dull day bright...
      and when ur old they are the sort of qualities that are still there someone whos ur best friend...

      girls who are chased via instergram or facebook have too much attention that's when they then think that they are too good for the guy that's probably there best option and this is when men become friendzoned...

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  • You have it the exact opposite. It's the guy who gets her with barely visible/no effort that's most exciting. Kings don't beg or have to break a sweat to get what they want. Peasants do.

    Does a girl want a peasant?

    • No. but a girl might want a guy who was a peasant, but then after being turned down, worked his way up to being a king, and then still wanted her.

      This is what happened to Elon Musk when he was in college. He liked a girl in one of his classes, she turned him down (he was a nerdy peasant), he then created a company called zip2, sold it for $307 million dollars (now a king), and then asked her out again, and she said yes, 8 years after she turned him down.

      Now the guy is a multi-billionaire and can probably get any girl he wants.

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  • it depends on how nicely he treats me. period.


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