Is high school just not my time for dating? (please read)?

Okay, here goes. I am a freshman, straight A honor student. I am fairly well liked (I was elected to a class office and the majority of people say that I am nice). I am kind of shy, but I have gotten better over the years. I actually have gotten to where I somewhat easily chat with one of the most popular guys in the grade during band. I have few friends at school, but do kind of float around and talk with lots of people. One thing I wonder is if me living in the country on a farm and the rest of the kids in my school living in the city and being doctors and lawyers kids have anything to do with it. I read a lot and love books. I guess you could call me kind of nerdy. I like old shows and music and don't really care for ID or 5SOS. I am a history buff. I'm not super interested in the modern pop culture stuff (I do like modern country though and stay somewhat up to date on that).

I am not a super model but I'm not ugly either. I have light brown hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and I smile a lot. I will admit that I could lose 10 pounds though.

Do you think that guys are intimidated by my good grades? One common thing I hear is "You're super smart."

Why is high school so stressful? Ugh


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  • In high school, yes, I would have been. I was. Now that I have a good education and excellent grades, not at all.

    • You are a freshman in high school. Why would even be thinking about dating? You have your whole life ahead for such things. Focus on your education!

    • Yeah, it just would be nice to even be considered as a possibility for someone to ask to homecoming or something like that though. I do understand that freshman is a little young for dating (no one can drive yet haha). And I am focusing on my education : D

      Thank you for the advice!

    • Best of luck to you!

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  • I would hold off on dating as long as I can. Nothing wrong with being friends or having a lot of male friends but to be dating exclusively one person takes a lot of your mental energy.
    You seem like a brilliant and beautiful person. There's plenty of time for dating you're just a freshman for goodness sake for goodness sake. Keep your nose in the books and maintain your circle of friends for now

    • Thank you so much!

      Yeah, I agree dating as a freshman isn't the best thing (no one can even drive yet lol) but it would be flattering for one guy to show interest in me. Oh well, you're right. I've got my whole life ahead of me : D

      Thanks again for the advice!

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  • Freshman year... lol I've changed so damn much since then. Wait it out.


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  • You still have your whole life ahead of you, and guys have yet to mature in high school. Heck I'm in college and have dated much older guys, and it's still turned out really bad. It's just not your time for that I would say, and I can concur with that.

    • Thank you so much for the advice! Yes, they are kind of immature but it would be flattering for one to show interest : (. But you are right, I do have my whole life ahead of me : )

    • Totally. Male attention feels good, but it's better to stay alone and not get used like I did. I'm glad you have goals set and I hope everything works out for you.

  • Well you are still a freshmen. Guys have to get to know you. I don't think they are intimidated by your grades. Though you might have to watch out in the future because guys might try to get close to you because you are smart. There are probably guys out there in your school that will appreciate you for you. You still have 3 years left for high school. Anything can happen so don't give up.

    • Thank you for the advice! What do you mean by "watch out" because they might "try to get close to me because I'm smart?"

    • Well i mean if a guy is not doing well in one of his classes and knows that you know the subject pretty well, he may start flirting with you to try and get you to help him without actually having interest in you

    • Oh okay.

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