Advice would be appreciated?

How do you guys suggest I link up with this guy I've been talking to for a few days online?

The issue- he works overnights... 7-7 or 10-7 something. I work days. 7-5 or 7-6.

he seems like a great guy and we have both made efforts to try and link up BUT either he falls asleep or I fall asleep. Any advice on what we can do that'll help get us to meet? Also he's kinda put the ball in my court a few time... He hasn't directly asked me on a date. He'll say next time you go here extend an invite or I'm down for a lazy day if you are... Where we just eat food and watch movies. It almost seems like her nervous but I don't know.
HELP! :)
(PSA be nice and constructive)



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  • Yes. Try to see if you two have the same days off. Or try to make your schedules into that (same days off).

    • We both have set schedules. He's a manager and I work at a clinic. Our schedules are set in stone pending something dramatic happens lol

    • Hmm. What if you two could try and meet each other during your lunches?

    • My vet clinic has us do working lunches. We eat lunch at the clinic in case of an emergency. But I'll suggest something during the day. It's just hard to correlate

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  • don't u have days that u don't work?

    • We do but he's usually getting off the morning of my day off and so he sleeps during the day and than he sleeps

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