How do you find love when you feel overshadowed by hotter people?

I'm asking you personally.


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  • Honestly, I don't feel overshadowed (anymore), and this is why -

    I just accepted myself, and tried to amplify the qualities that I love about myself, both physically and personality-wise. I hate to sound so cheesy... but in this case "just be yourself" totally applies. Yes, there are some hotties out there, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be hot either. They can't be attractive like you. Only YOU can be attractive like you. Get my drift?

    I love the fact that my natural hair color is black - so I don't change it. I think I look adorable in dresses - so I wear them all the time. Although I like the shape of my nose, I still think it's a little big - so I choose haircuts that balance my face. To be honest I think I have the gift of art - so I cultivate that.

    Find your good qualities, work on them, build confidence, and attractiveness will radiate from every cell in your body, I promise. When you like yourself, people notice. Self-confidenxe is sexy, I don't care what you look like :)

    • I like natural black hair too...
      Sometimes I feel happy with myself and confident but the girls I'm interested in still gush over the hot tall male model over there. Is there something I can do to deal with the sadness I feel?

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    • Thank you for your consoling words miss. You sound like you are a great girl and I'm sure whatever guy is with you will be so happy and lucky. I think art is super cool so I'm glad for you. Hope you get the guy of your dreams!

    • You're welcome, and thank you :) Good luck, and same to you.

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  • 1) I DON'T feel overshadowed by hotter people.

    2) Thankfully, all the hotter people than me aren't all interested in the same guys that I am.

    So I still have a chance. How much? Who knows. But it's better than zero.

    • I guess that's true... Interested in different guys...

  • well, someone is always gonna b prettier than i am. no denying this, but in all honesty, i believe it's more important to stand out on the inside as well. i like to be different and just accept who i am, flaws and all.
    if my beauty comes from within, then it will reflect on my outer beauty too.

    how can i find love this way?
    ill smile more, instead of flicking my hair when i walk past people
    ill compliment women on their beauty, instead of feeling jealous
    ill stay down to earth, no matter how much someone tries to talk me up.
    ill concentrate on my education and the ambition to be successful.
    ill be grateful for a job that assists my finances.
    ill just be a warm loving soul to others all round.

    people notice these things, and for any man who wants REAL love, this is what would make me beautiful in his eyes.

    • That makes sense. It's good to be down to earth...
      I try to be attractive and sometimes I feel good but then a hotter guy steps in the room and I'm left back in the shadows. I know I should be happy with who I am but sometimes I just feel sad when I'm overshadowed... I just need to find the right girl I guess...

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    • Thank you bananaz you seem like a nice girl and always give good sound advice. I was tempted to make you most helpful but the other girl just touched my heart by her words although you are a very close second. You are a true Guru I wish you luck in your love life ;)

    • oh ur welcome :) haha that's ok, if u got what ur looking for, that's all that matters.
      thanks, same to u.

  • Not a problem for me because I don't feel overshadowed by hotter people and I'm not interested in love anyway at this point in my life.

    • When are you going to be you think

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    • Or maybe you spend too much time wallowing in self-pity and not enough time confidently putting yourself out there? Just something to consider...:/

    • ok...

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    • I need some Australians and Americans to bail me out.

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    • @Phoenix98
      It's almost comical how I start off sounding as if I came from victorian england than as the conversation goes on I start to sound like a brain damaged parrot on a pirate ship.

  • just boost yer confidence dude... not ALL girls care bout looks u know...;-)

    • Yea but the feeling is still there...

  • You just don't worry about it, there is always going to be someone stronger, faster, smarter, more talented or more attractive then you are. You shouldn't worry about what other people have or do better then yourself, instead focus on the great things that make you, you. I hang around attractive people all the time, men and women, and I have never once felt like they overshadowed me.

    • That makes sense thanks for sharing. i need to be happy with hat I am even if it's sometimes hard.

  • I don't associate myself with the "hotter" people. I am not them and they are not me. Accept yourself for who you are and you will be a lot more happier. I guarantee it.

  • Well, i remember the fact that you don't always need to be the hottest guy in the room to be the most attractive person to a woman


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