If I stop the casual sex, will he want a relationship?

I've been sleeping with this guy for a year... we have amazing physical and sexual chemistry it's actually crazy. Things have been going really well for the past little bit, and now suddenly he's been flopping on me this week and not replying to my texts. He told me to initiate and call him first, and now that I did he's flopped - now I feel discouraged to even text/call him first. At this point, I'm ready to stop this casual fling/ friends with benefits because something needs to be said for once and it can't last forever. I know 110% he's going to contact me again, as he always does. When I see him he's nice and fun to me and we always talk a lot so I'm kind of upset right now. But I guess I'll be giving him the silent treatment for a bit so he'll notice somethings wrong, then I'll bring it up. Is there even a chance he'll change his mind about losing me and make me his girlfriend, or is all hope lost?


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  • He doesn't want the cow! The milk's on tap!!!

    Have an honest conversation or GTFO

    • I will for sure - he's going to text me this week or next week 100%. Will have to say something. Been going on dates with another guy, so I'm not sure if that will make him jealous?

    • Why play games, like a child? Just have an honest conversation about what you want and see if he feels the same way. Otherwise carry on.

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  • "But I guess I'll be giving him the silent treatment for a bit so he'll notice somethings wrong,"- that is extremely immature

    "Is there even a chance he'll change his mind about losing me and make me his girlfriend,"- the idea that you can change a man is rooted in abusive controlling behavior

    • Guess I didn't word my question properly - my question is more like "Is there a chance he's interested in me as girlfriend if I talk to him about not wanting casual sex anymore?"

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    • Then you should have talked about it. Stop acting passive, be assertive and ask him. Go after what you want. Your actions speak louder than you words, and you actions say, you are just fuck buddies.

    • Will do. I've been single for 3 years now so it's been fun having having him consistently and seeing other guys on top of every so often, but now I suddenly feel that I want a partner.

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  • Setting some time away, will certainly reset the relationship, but, don't expect anything. The most you can hope for is at least a fresh start


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  • am i old fashioned? sleepeing with the same person during a year, its casual?
    ehm, how he called you, fuck buddy? i just dont really get it.

    • Yeah we've grown to become friends that sleep together. We have no label whatsoever and we just had good times when we hang out. And this has been going on for a year! He always initiates

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    • That's what I'm saying.. like should I try to establish they relationship bf/gf?, or based on your opinion there's not even a point in asking him

    • from my point of view he's your boyfriend during whole year.
      like why you separate it. what will change. its all the same, from my point of view.

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